Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meet Teen Author Patrice Sanford

Patrice Sanford is a newly published teen author at Golden Butterfly Publishing. She is a California resident that loves writing. Her dream is to be a film producer, director, and screenwriter.  Her writing influences include Suzan Collins, S.E. Hinton, and Christopher Paul Curtis. Patrice is an avid reader of Realistic and Historical Fiction. Her love of reading is what made her desire to become a writer.

Over the years, Patrice has written many short stories. However, her first published work is entitled, Kenya’s Missing Book. It is a children’s book promoting teamwork and compromising. Without teamwork, Kenya J. Thomas wouldn’t have found her book. Kenya and her friends look everywhere to find her book, and had to change their technique multiple times. Read this work to see if Kenya finds her favorite book.

Fans can find out more about Patrice’s work by logging on to In order to purchase her book, readers can find her ebook wherever ebooks are sold. Please support this buddying author Patrice Sanford.




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