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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Guardians of History Book Series, Book 1

Isiah Jenkins is an ordinary kid from Atlanta, Georgia. At least he thinks this is the case, until he learns from his granddad, that he is actually from a long line of mythical beings called Guardians. Guardians are marked at birth and tied to a book that is passed down to through the men in their family. The book assigns the guardian a mission to follow and transports the guardian back in time for 30 days. As every Guardian before him, Isiah is entrusted with the task of ensuring certain events in history happen. The challenge for Isiah is going back in time during dangerous and tumultuous time periods for African Americans. 

Book 1 chronicles Isiah’s experience becoming a guardian and his first mission to Cleveland, Ohio during 1922. Isiah’s mission is to convince Garrett Morgan not to give up on inventing a new patent for the traffic light. Readers will enjoy the adventure of the Guardians of History as they travel along with the Isiah to see if he completes his first mission.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

P. Boyd writes for books for African American males

P. Boyd is a writer from Chicago, Illinois. He writes books for African American males about everyday experiences. His first book is about a boy detective named Aaron Matthews. Please read the summary below:

Aaron Matthews is a typical kid growing up in the city. Until one day, he decides to do something about the petty crimes in his neighborhood. He gets his good friend, Keith Holmes to help him solve different unsolved crimes. In the first case, they try to figure out the mystery behind the disappearing graffiti artist. Will they figure out who is behind the crime and help their neighbor from getting his garage vandalized, again? Read this mystery and find out.


We have been getting requests for a little while for a book that makes children laugh. Those requests have not fallen on deaf ears. Our latest release is entitled, Imagine That! It is an adorable book, with vivid illustrations, and a hilarious story line.

Please see the description below:

Get ready to laugh your socks off over the silly language and colorful imagery in this fun book for children. This book is sure to make you want to read it over and over and over again. IMAGINE THAT!

Monday, December 29, 2014


Principal Owens was successful at eliminating the bullying problem at school. He did it by changing the culture at Paul Robeson Elementary. Will the bullying issue remain solved? Or will the crew hatch a plan to take over Paul Robeson? Read this installment of the Rooftop Club and find out.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

#14 Latanya: The Fly Girl on the Court

The Hot Freshman 15 Series is based on the experiences of fifteen high school freshman girls placed on list by a group of boys at Rose school. The second installment in the series features Latanya Kiddings B.K.A. #14 The Fly Girl on the Court. Latanya is an aggressive ball player. She wants more than anything to get a scholarship and to be scouted for a college team. After being placed on the list, she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend. Dating a popular jock brings its own set of problems. There is nothing like dealing with rumors, jealousy, and drama as Latanya soon finds out. Latanya loses her best friend, and she has to make some hard fast decisions about her loyalty to her goals or to herself.