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Friday, February 1, 2019

Nandi: Time Traveler

Nandi and Kyande are twin time travelers who live on post-Earth 2050. This new planet is controlled by an evil scientist named Cecil Hawthorne. He was once considered to be a hero until he secretly genetically engineered superhumans known as Lodes to enforce laws against the world's population. The twins Nandi and Kyande were both born into the human rebellion against the Lodes. In the first book, Nandi and Kyande both find out they are enhanced humans as well. Their parents enhanced them to be able to go back in time. Nandi travels back in time first to prevent the Lodes from capturing her father as a small child. As she enters the past, she finds the lodes are already back in the year 2015. Will Nandi succeed? Or will the timeline be changed forever?