Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why is it important to address bullying?

Whenever I get asked this question I usually answer from different perspectives. I am a former teacher, an author, and a god mother. From the perspective of being a former teacher, I don’t understand how bullying can be allowed to occur in schools. This is something that I addressed year round in my classroom. I had a strict ‘no violence’ policy and I enforced that policy everyday. It may sound harsh. However, I truly believe that every child has the right the come to school and learn in safe environment. As an author, I address the issue because I travel all over the country and bullying is a problem in almost every school. I wrote my book about bullying in order to give students a way to address these issues with their parents, teachers, and peers. As a god mother, I have addressed the issue of bullying with my god daughter. I want to make sure that she understands ways to deal with bullies and ensure that she can go to school and feel safe. I look forward to touring this book and holding discussions with schools about this important issue.

Tiffany A. Flowers


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